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The US onAir Network will be working with volunteers from Maryland universities, colleges, and nonprofit organizations to oversee the curation and moderation of posts, aircasts (online discussions), and in person events for the Maryland onAir Hub …  related to federal, state, and local elections and government.

Our first outreach will be to University of Maryland partly because of its proximity to the state capital. We have identified many of University of Maryland’s civic engagement, academic, internship and research programs related to making democracy and civic responsibility a focus of higher learning on their campus … for students, faculty, staff, and local community. This post, over time, will have similar information on other collaborating organizations in the state.

Contact for more information on how to involve your organization.


The University of Maryland’s onAir chapter will initially focus on training interested undergrad and graduate students on how to curate Maryland onAir content especially submitting Top News articles, events, videos, and information and moderating forums in each post they curate.

Student curators will also work with state senate and house committee chairs to produce aircasts on issues being discussed and bills being proposed in their committees.

During election season, students with other other organizations like the League of Women Voters, will coordinate and produce aircasted debates with candidates.

University of Maryland

Source: About UMD Webpage

The University of Maryland, College Park is the state’s flagship university and one of the nation’s preeminent public research universities. A global leader in research, entrepreneurship and innovation, the university is home to more than 40,700 students, 14,000 faculty and staff, and nearly 400,000 alumni all dedicated to the pursuit of Fearless Ideas. Located just outside Washington, D.C., we discover and share new knowledge every day through our renowned research enterprise and programs in academics, the arts and athletics. And we are committed to social entrepreneurship as the nation’s first “Do Good” campus.

Civic Engagement Programs

Source: Civic Maryland Initiative

America has always been a bold experiment in self-governance.

In this era of polarization, division and historic challenges to democracy, our country urgently needs citizens who are better informed and committed to our democratic institutions and shared civic values. Our citizens need to be equipped with the skills to engage constructively in civic life. Institutions of higher education, particularly land-grant universities with public engagement and service at the core of their mission, have a special role in restoring our civic health. They possess the ability to instill knowledge, values and skills for civic engagement that last a lifetime. As one of these institutions, we are uniquely able to push the notion of civic engagement beyond current ways of thinking and doing, with potential impact well beyond campus boundaries. Given today’s challenges, we need the innovation of new generation of engaged citizens.

Building on Maryland’s status as a leading land-grant university with proximity and connection to Washington, DC and Annapolis, its success as the nation’s first Do Good campus, and its standing as a Top 10 innovation university, the University of Maryland School of Public Policy is launching Civic Maryland – a campus-wide and state-wide initiative comprised of:

  • An Education Agenda: Strengthen Civic Competence  — Civic Maryland will support and elevate the work of local school districts, universities, community groups and leading education nonprofit organizations in the development of evidence-based curricula, educational resources, and civic learning initiatives to provide UMD and K-12 students across the State of Maryland with the foundational knowledge, values, and skills that they need to actively engage in civic life.
  • A Research Agenda: Measure and Improve Civic Health — Civic Maryland will develop Civic Health Indices for the State of Maryland and the University of Maryland. These will help to inform Civic Maryland’s efforts to improve civic health at all levels throughout the State, and to measure progress over time. Civic Maryland will also resource a cutting-edge research agenda on the critical issues and drivers of civic health relevant to citizens, policy-makers, and educators.
  • A Practice and Innovation Agenda: Unleash Civic Innovators  — Civic Maryland will harness the entrepreneurial spirit of students, spurred by competition and mentored by experts, to innovate in the civic sphere. Building on the model of the Do Good Challenge and Accelerator, Civic Maryland will run student competitions and support successful initiatives to scale innovation at all levels. Through our significant extension network in every county of the State, we will use the University of Maryland’s extensive capacities for community engagement to build civic infrastructure and promote health civic practices statewide.

Political Science Programs

Source: Department website

Government and Politics is one of the largest majors on campus with over 1,000 students taking courses in American politics, international relations (official concentration available), comparative politics, political theory, political philosophy, law, public policy, and environmental policy. Its large and diverse group of students are mentored by faculty through a variety of in and out of classroom experiences and have been extremely successful in garnering campus and national awards, acceptance to competitive law and graduate programs, and exciting careers in all levels of government and the private sector. Courses offered by this department may be found under the acronym GVPT.

Student Government

Source: Student Government Webpage

The SGA is the governance body for all undergraduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park. Composed of three branches – executive, legislative, and judicial – the organization works with various student groups, administrators, and government officials to ensure student interests are met.

In order to make sure the voice of the student body is heard, members of the SGA reach out to their peers in class, campus events, and the office. The SGA implements legislation to remedy concerns and aid student groups with their missions and programming. Through efforts and outreach, the organization constantly works to improve our university.


Source: Webpage

An internship is a monitored work experience that has intentional learning outcomes and goals for students.  Internships:

  • Consist of educationally enriching projects with learning objectives, quality training and supervision, and regular feedback.
  • Can be a semester, summer, or even year-long program.
  • Have assignments and projects that are related to the student’s major or career interests.  A minimal amount of an intern’s assignments should include clerical work.


Source: Webpage

The University of Maryland research enterprise generates groundbreaking discoveries that impact the lives of people in our state, nation and the world. From breakthroughs that advance and improve human health outcomes to new technologies that keep our community, nation and planet safe, the 18 schools and colleges at the University of Maryland make lasting and innovative solutions to the most critical challenges facing our society.

With $1.1B in annual research awards, the University of Maryland fuels scientific discovery, innovation and economic development. Our programs and partnerships with federal agencies, laboratories, foundations and the private sector accelerate our collective impact. I invite you to get to know the combined research enterprises of the University of Maryland and all it has to offer.


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